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Tens of thousands of new oil, gas and coalbed methane wells have been drilled across the West, and many more planned. This energy development includes pipelines, roads, compression stations, transmission lines, wastewater ponds, and well pads.

Much of this development occurs on "split estate land", where the landowner does not own the rights to the minerals beneath their land. The mineral owner has the right to develop the minerals and the landowner has limited ability to protect their private property. Too often, irresponsible oil and gas companies have polluted land and water, destroyed hay meadows, spread noxious weeds, disturbed farm or ranch operations, and devalued property.

Strong support in Colorado’s Western Slope and Montana for property rights of surface owners

Surveys conducted for WORC found overwhelming support among voters in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District and Montana for a federal measure strengthening protections for private property owners facing of oil and gas drilling on their land.

More than eight-out-of-ten voters surveyed favor an amendment in Congress that would strengthen protections for private property owners.

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